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    Or really just anything to do with theatre, I’m just wondering how big we are here on Tumblr

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    To the person who contradicted all my posts at the beginning of this blog series and told me they didn’t wanna see this clogging up the tag, I just wanted you to know that you honestly made me cry and proceed to do so every time I stumble across it again. It’s also the reason why I don’t post….

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  3. For Good - Wicked

  4. Fly, Fly Away - Catch Me If You Can

  5. Phantom of the Opera

  6. Simon Zealots - Jesus Christ Superstar

  8. When I Look At You - The Scarlet Pimpernel

  9. Quiet - Thirteen Stories Down


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    My local community theatre is now using goodsearch! For anyone that doesn’t know what goodsearch is, it’s a search browser that gives you one cent for every web search you do, as well as offers donations for your cause for games, ads watched, surveys completed, and much more

    I would like to ask…

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    crying :’(

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  13. DISCLAIMER: This is NOT meant to compare the two, but rather to use this powerful lyric to remember them both. I understand that the situations were not the same. But two beautiful young men had their lives cut short by something they couldn’t control. And I believe this lyric can be used for both.